315 Douglas Ave. East  

Phone (306) 757-1325  

Regina, SK. S4N 1H7  SK.                                                                             

email:  hc.office@holycrossregina.ca

TAXI VOUCHERS are available from the office for parishioners who would like to attend mass but are having difficulty with transportation. Please contact the office for more information.

Once again it’s HOLY GOLF  TIME!!


Holy Cross Charity Golf Tournament


SCAM ALERT! News from the Archdiocese of Regina

Please be aware that there is a scam occurring right now where people are receiving texts or emails from what appears to be diocesan priests or diocesan staff asking them to contact them, and in some cases asking for Google cards or iTunes cards. Our parish priests and staff will never contact people in this way. All emails and texts like this should be treated as suspicious. If anyone is ever in doubt about a suspicious text or email they can contact the person directly to see if they sent it. 

Please be aware that some emails and text messages are being sent from scammers claiming to be some of our priests and office staff. Names are being pulled from parish and diocesan websites to create fake email (often Gmail) accounts.

You will notice the email address may have some correct info, though in an unfamiliar form with additional characters, numbers or periods. Most will ask you to contact them or send information.

Please do not reply to any suspicious emails. If you are in doubt, contact the person the email is claiming to be from using an alternate contact method (do not reply to the suspicious email).

Also note: At no time will our priests, deacons, religious or diocesan staff contact you seeking Google Play cards, iTunes cards or any other form of personal financial assistance

EWTN Spring Programming Brochures Are In!  They can be found in our information display at the Gerein Centre entrance, bottom right, just above the Pro-Life brochures.