In its January newsletter the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition printed a letter from 53 disability and human rights organizations written to leaders of all federal parties and the health minister to express their concern and opposition to the legalization of Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) for mental illness and to the already-legal practice of euthanizing people with disabilities who are not terminally ill.

They contend this is “a discriminatory process made worse by systematic poverty, a national housing crisis, and inadequate access to support in the community.” They say those living in poverty, and/or homeless are over-represented, as are indigenous people.

“As a country we cannot provide state-assisted death to people who are not terminally ill without ensuring a legislated right to a decent life for all. The current MAiD law has chipped away at the constitutional protections of Canadians. [It] is a threat to the lives of people with disabilities and their families.”

They end by calling government “to take the necessary steps not just to delay MAiD for mental illness but to fully roll back the sunset clause and to repeal track two MAiD (for persons not terminally ill) as introduced under Bill C-7.”

Introduction of Bill 605 - “An Act to Provide Safe Access to Abortion Services”

Read comments from David Cooke, Campaign Manager, Campaign Life Coalition and sign the petition to oppose Bill 605 here.

Euthanasia lobby confirms elder abuse risk – but doesn’t seem to care

By Paul Russell - The director of HOPE Australia

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