Euthanasia lobby confirms elder abuse risk – but doesn’t seem to care

By Paul Russell - The director of HOPE Australia

Pro-Life Sites 

1)  (Canadian; an excellent site providing current news)

2) (American) 

3) (good information on what is happening in Canada and globally)

4) (working to support, inform and empower Catholic Clergy to build a culture of life.)

5) (Canadian; provides current info in Pro-Life related issues as well as how to work with the political process in making changes.)

6) (Canadian site; Euthanasia prevention Coalition working to prevent euthanasia.)

7) (Sask. Pro Life Association)



‚Äč10) (Great sight on issues concerning pro-life and euthanasia)


The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition exists to protect people by building a well-informed, broadly based network of groups and individuals for an effective social resistance to euthanasia and assisted suicide.                                        Check out