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In keeping with the Code of Canon Law no. 87, Archbishop Donald Bolen  grants to all the Catholic faithful dispensation from their Sunday obligation until further notice. You do not have to come back until you feel comfortable doing so or we return to full capacity. Follow at home from one of the many excellent broadcast or live streamed Masses available every weekday or Sunday.


Holy Cross Parish Has resumed the celebration of Mass. Here is What Parishioners Can Do.    

July 13, 2020

When you are ready, please come back to church.

Congregations are running 30% capacity or up to 150 people. We require a stringent protocol, to try as best we can to  prevent the transmission of the coronavirus when we meet. That means we must keep 6 feet  (2 meters) apart as much as possible.

Our nave or the major area of the church, has it’s limitations. We can seat 57.

For now, we are limiting congregations to no more than 50. Why?

 We now have more parishioners registered and wishing to attend two of our three Masses than we can accommodate during the weekend. 

Second, we may be in this position for some long time to come. Finally, we do not wish to have COVID-19 spread among our parishioners because we did not handle the Masses well.

WE do not want to turn away people nor compromise our arrangements.  Fr. Richard wants to proceed carefully. He is monitoring how things go and we have and will continue to adjust to our increasing number of parishioners who wish to attend.

What this means is that we must rotate parishioners through the weekend Masses. You will be contacted when placed.

We thank you for your continued patience and understanding.

How To Attend Mass

Our Mass schedule is: Tuesday evening at 7:00pm, Thursday and  Friday mornings at 9:00am, Saturday at 5:00pm and Sunday with two (2) morning Masses, the first at 9:30 a.m. and the  second at 11:30 a.m. We have lots of room in the 11:30am Mass left.

1 Register - Please call the office  at (306) 347-0929.Leave a voice message. Or send an email. We will require your name, number of people in your party and their names, an email address and telephone number. Should someone get sick we will need to contact all those who had attended the Mass that this person attended.

Please indicate which Mass you may like for the weekend. Weekday Masses are now walk-ins. There is no longer a need to rotate individuals through the weekday Masses. Weekend Masses will need to be assigned. This is a manual scheduling system.  Please be patient.                                               

2 Wait to be Placed—On Thursday mornings the office assistant will check, confirm and finalize the  schedule for the following week. The most recent registered individuals who have not yet attended a Mass will receive first consideration. Martin will contact you                                              

It is your responsibility to keep track. There will be no reminders. If you do not receive a message of placement from Martin, you do not have a space. Please do not come. 

3). Changes -If you are not able to attend the Mass you have agreed to or if the number of  attendees in your household has changed please contact the office  as per contact info above.

Cancellations with advance notice are much appreciated and replacements will be placed as is possible.

Weekend Masses are assigned as best as we can do.


Do I need to contact the office every week to come?  No. If you are  registered and your preference known, you will be placed.

The government said churches can have up to 150—do I just show up?  No. Each pastor will decide, based on the archbishop’s guidelines, how many it will take. The spacing  restrictions  and the need to clean thoroughly are major factors in how decisions are made. We also look at numbers; as requests to return come in, we will expand to our top allowable number.  REMEMBER: we want to have people returning now to have a chance and Masses are still being broadcast. Parishioners do not have to come back now.

Do I need to respond back to confirmation messages?  This would appreciated. We need to rotate people as we have more people than Sunday Masses at the current restrictions. Right now Fr. Richard can say Mass for 150 people per weekend, if they agree to come where there are spaces. Or you may wait in line for the next time a space is available at the time you wish to come.  Thank you for your co-operation and understanding during these difficult and trying times.

Do I need to wear a mask? No. Please wear one if you feel uncomfortable and bring your own hand sanitizer if you prefer.

What elements of the Mass are different from what we used to do before COVID-19?

Besides keeping a social distance of 2 meters, being asked how you feel every time you come and cleaning your hands with alcohol gel several times while at church, here are a couple of other changes:

¨ you should sit in the open pew spaces, starting in the front and working toward the back (south to north)

¨ There is no singing. All responses are spoken. Some Masses are starting to have choirs or instrumentalists play some of the music. There are no books or papers in the pews

¨ Paper bulletins are not allowed. Our next bulletin will be early August on our web site.

¨ Your donations are to placed in a basket as you come into the nave, from the Gerein Centre.

¨ We are not allowed to mingle, gather or hang out before or after Mass.